Weekend ScratchUp #4

im not dead edition

Oh man, original music? It’s starting to grow on me. :1

PinkiePieSwear – Sunshine and Celery Stalks
Jackle App – I Love Everything
SimGretina – Winter Dance Up
ClaireAnneCarr – Art of the Dress Rock!
DrDissonance – Night Shift at the Cupcake Factory
DrDissonance – Winter’s Over (Lets Have An Adventure)
DrDissonance – Don Discord
Alex S – Eurobeat Brony vs Alex S. – Luna
TheLivingTombstone – Winter Wrap Up (The Living Tombstone’s Remix)
PepperBrony – Foozogz As PinkiePieSwear – Sparkle (Season Rebirth)
General Mumble – Wings & Horns (Part 1)
General Mumble – She’s a Pony
WoodenToaster – She’s A Pony Remix
DanielSuperStereo – My Little Pony: Funk is Magic
originalph00tbag – Fluttershy (jex Trance Mix)
Silva Hound – The Seventh Wonderbolt
SoGreatandPowerful – Flutterwonder (SoGreatandPowerful Remix)
ByCelestiasBeard – Fluttershy’s Modelling (Beard Mix)
SeanNH94 – Ya Gotta Share, Ya Gotta Care (Come Out and Play Remix)
Omnipony – Equestria in Grey
DavidLarsenM1 – Ragtime MLP:FiM opening theme

  • derpymaths

    thanks for this. lotsa good tracks in there. i think im hooked on pinkipieswear now.

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    yay =) thanks for this, it's the first time that I listen to omnipony, I liked equestria in grey so much that if I had a top 10 it would be in it.
    I love when they use the cartoon voices to make songs, those type of songs are my favorite.