Remember folks, only the fanbase knows the double meaning to ponies and cupcakes.

WeLoveFine is holding a Facebook-only challenge in which they want folks to be creative in a way that involves their tees but isn’t directly a design contest for new products. They are looking for some folks to do some fun crafts for prizes. The first one is called the Cupcake Challenge, and here is how it works.

  • – Contestant makes a cupcake inspired by one of our t-shirt designs. They can bake it themselves, or they can buy one and just style it, it’s up to them!
  • – They upload it to our Facebook wall, telling us in 25 words or less why they chose that design – what inspired them, is it their favorite character or favorite moment from the show, etc.
  • – The challenge will be open for three weeks from the date it goes up (Currently scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 17th.)
  • – All of the wall photos will go into our Wall Pics gallery, at which point after the contest is over we will browse through all of them and select the winners based on staff picks.
  • – The winner will receive the tee they based their cupcake design on, plus a My Little Pony 18 x 24 poster and a tote or cinch bag of their choosing! Second and third place winners will also receive the tees.
More information can be found here:

And now that Hezaa’s nouveau My Little Pony designs total lucky seven, we are doing one of our best Wednesday giveaways yet! One lucky winner will receive their choice of ANY of the seven MLP nouveau designs, in men’s or women’s style!<br />
Reblog this post and enter to WIN!
They also wish to tell everyone that this week’s tee giveaway is for ANY of Hezaa’s seven Nouveau MLP designs. For more information on how to win one of these t-shirts, you can check for details on their social media sites.
  • Anonymous

    facebook only? Why facebook only?

  • Porkandbeans69

    i believe we should make muffins instead

    derpy inspired of course.