CopyPasta from their site, but if you were looking to get a shirt from WeLoveFine and some Blind Bag Ponies, they got a deal going on.


So we hear that the blind bag My Little Pony toys – 24 to collect in all! – are super hot items with all of our ponies and bronies out there. Your ship just came in, collectors – we have them in house as FREE gifts w/ MLP orders!:

Here’s the deal: You MUST purchase three or more My Little Pony items per order (everything counts – tees, hoodies, bags, hats, and art prints) in order to receive your free blind bag MLP toy. And this is a limit one per order premium!

All toys come with a collectible card featuring your pony and a small pamphlet listing all 24 characters in the series. Note: These toys are NOT recommended for children ages 3 and under.

These are going out with all MLP orders starting TODAY! Collect and trade with your friends, folks!

[Source: WeLoveFine]

  • Daswed

    I live in Sweden, and I found blind bags by accident in my local shop.

    I bought 10.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    I live in new zealand, and I waited weeks for them to come out here after I heard they were in aus and a store owner here said they were being released here.

    I got sick of waiting, looked everywhere one last time, manager finally said ‘no they’re not coming and i’m retarded’ so I went on ebay. People were showing interest and my hope was lost, thus I bought the entire set from Germany before they disappeared.

    My fuckin face when they came out three days later in other stores. Not only were they cheaper than what I paid, they were there now. I had to wait a couple weeks for mine.

    Still, neat idea for them to take on. I’m just waiting for the wave 2’s.

  • Soda

    My boyfriend and I bought six shirts from WeLoveFine, and we just missed out on this offer. :'(