Tons and tons of WeLoveFine merchandise coming out, but most notable is the Limited Quantity Derpy Keychain you get if you make an order of 5 or more items. Also do not forget if you purchase 3 items, you get a random blind bag pony. So if you buy 5, you get both the Derpy keychain and a Blind Bag pony. That’s a good deal. Also released last week are a line of posters made by Hinoraito. You can find his prints here (also in the image gallery of merchandise behind the page break) and all prints here.

  • Wiseau

    Honestly, FIVE pony items?

  • Anonymous

    I will give someone five (5) whole (American) dollars for their derpy keychain.

    Because I’m not spending $100 on t-shirts just for that thing.

  • Klonoa Xero

    $100? you mean $125 or $112.50 with 10% off coupon code. I still ended up buying 5 shirts. Take my money. ;3

  • Black Jack the unicorn

    lol me too. ^_^ totally worth it ^_^