WeLoveFine: The MLP My Favorite Pony Contest

Okay, so here’s today’s BIG news. (Yes, bigger than the keychains ;) ) Today is our soft launch for the latest My Little Pony design contest! And we’re doing things differently this time, but really fun for all the bronies we hope! :)

Based on the results of a Facebook poll we did, we are having three concurrent contests for individual characters that were chosen in that poll as the top favorites – that turned out to be Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. We’ll have a selection of winners in these three contests that will then move on to a subsequent Grand Prize round, where one of them will win up to $3,000 and the title of the MLP fans’ “My Favorite Pony”!
Here are the three links to the contests, and each page has text that you can use describing the details of how it works under “About the Contest.” Also, exciting news – we’re super thrilled to have Andrea Libman choosing the judges’ pick for Fluttershy, and Tara Strong for Twilight Sparkle! We’ll be announcing the guest judge for the Rainbow Dash contest very soon.
My Favorite Pony Contest: Fluttershy:
My Favorite Pony Contest: Twilight Sparkle:
My Favorite Pony Contest: Rainbow Dash:

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