Welovefine Tshirts

Welovefine, which is the only adult clothier that Hasbro is officially allowing to use the ponies, has finally started offering male t-shirts with ponies on them.

Although there are only 2 so far I would wear…

Ponies on Welovefine

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  • VioletYoshi

    Now we'll have to see if they make plus size shirts, or only allow the thin privileged to show their Brony support.

  • DerpySquad

    Small to 2x according to the site, so some of us get screwed (as always). I'm six feet, four inches and about 280 pounds, I can pull off a 2x but 3 is my comfort zone.

  • MittinsKittens

    I had a look on the site and it looks like us European Bronies at the moment are being a little shafted.
    There's nothing on there about international shipping and theres not an option to do so when you check out.
    Hoping they fix this, or I hope I'm being blind and completely missing it. Sent an email either way in a hope they sort it out :<
    Really want a couple of the shirts :<

  • VioletYoshi

    I'm not surprised. We have to make it clear Bronies come in all sizes.

  • harvardheinous

    Why do the male shirts feature black ponies? Do they think "brony" is an ethnic thing?? And no DH shirt for guys?!? :(