Yesterday morning we featured the Official MLP Zazzle T-shirts, and now on the flip side of the coin are the WeLoveFine shirts, the results of the Season 2 contest.  The above is the grand prize winner who won $3000 dollars in cold hard cash.  After the page break there are the judges picks, runner ups and honorable mentions.  Not bad all in all.
Judges Picks – Winner gets a $300 gift certificate.
Runner Ups – Winners get a $150 gift certificate.
Honorable Mention – Nothing.

Judges Pick – Equestria Daily
Judges Pick – Bronyville Podcast

Runner Up
Runner Up
Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention
  • plaster

    wow, I am now quite convinced that this fanbase as a whole, has terrible taste in apparel. Why is this a surprise?

  • Telofy

    When I wanted to vote, there were so many great designs that I couldn’t look at all of them let alone rank them, so I didn’t vote at all. But I remember the the Your face! one.

  • Anonymous

    Uh, to be brutally honest I think all of these look pretty bad. The artwork itself is fine, but for a shirt? No.

    These shirts basically scream "LOOK AT ME. I LOVE PONIES!!!" Except for the Shadowbolts one, which is just kind of ugly imho.

    Why can't we have both subtle AND well designed? (All of the "subtle" designs just seem to look bad).

    I know this seems excessively negative, but I just can't help but feel that wearing any of these would do more harm than good. I will probably pass on this round of shirts as well. I have yet to see anything that interests me at WLF besides the Derpy Hooves cutie mark shirt, and seriously I'm not paying for a gray shirt with 7 circles on it.

  • Michael C

    (art/design snob mode:ON)

    Sigh. This is what you get when you leave design decisions to the masses. You get what is popularly palatable, without consideration for artistic or design principles. The winning 'design' does not challenge the viewer in any way, the choices of the guest judges were far superior.

    (art/design snob mode:OFF)

  • plaster

    according to a guy who had the priviledge of making a judges pick, the shirt he picked out didn't get chosen in the end. Who knows what the hell WLF is doing.

  • DerpySquad

    They have a giant Wheel of Fortune wheel they probably spin.

  • pixelkitties

    I am sorry to hear you didn't like my design, Plaster! Perhaps I can win you over in the inevitable We Love Fine Contest #3.

  • plaster

    now i feel kinda bad :/

  • Claire Anne Carr

    I liked the designs, they're fine, after all we can buy it or not.