Well, if you remember a while back where some sleuthing brought forward (source link: EQD) some interesting code that hinted at something that may or may not be pony related. You be the judge.
  • anun

    This was a dev reaction to fan response saying the game was too colorful. Didn’t think they’d actually implement a level based around it.

    Anyway, no MLP/FiM relation.

    • Anonymous

      From the link to EQD,

      TentacleHorse Rainbow Western
      Unique_TentacleHorse_A Midnight Sparkle
      TentacleHorse_B_Unique Nightmarity
      Unique_TentacleHorse_A Nightmare is Magic
      Unique_TentacleHorse_B Generosity in Death

      obvious mlp references

      • Supertide

        I have a feeling many games released in the near future will have pony references.

  • Anonymous

    This game looks so fucking boring. A watered down version of WoW if that’s even possible.

    • derpymaths

      agreed. watched my roomie play for a bit last night. meh…

    • yourafuckwad

      diablo looks like watered down wow?
      do me a favor
      look at when diablo was released, then look at when wow was released.

      • Anonymous

        “look at” Assuming you only play for the graphics. Anyway, if you want a constructive argument, here’s on for you.

        What I saw from the 2.5 minute game play is that you charge into a room, a wave of enemies attack you, and they almost die instantly. No challange was presented to me judging from this video. The only things the characters where doing was standing still and spamming their attacks, just as in World of Warcraft.

        The game looked extremely boring to me for these reasons, no challenge, no exciting active combat moves.

        The following is an assumtion on my part. The skill bar at the bottom, if those are the only skills you get in the game, then there is a huge problem. A game that has been in development for years should give you more freedom then the few skills I see there.

        Now there is the requirement that you should always be online to play the game, which is retarded. Some people just want to play the game single player, and what happened to LAN play, the features that made these games great. For me this is another reason not to get the game.

        And my final argument, and maybe the most damning of them all. YOU CAN BUY INGAME ITEMS FOR REAL MONEY! Why would I buy the game now. I’ll wait till the game is cheaper and invest the money I saved on gear, done, game completed.

        • Anonymous

          ofc you have to be online to play it, if there is a auction house with REAL money, you can’t make it an offline game :s there would be no controle what so ever, and judging from your comment you only ever played wow. if you say it looks like this.

  • Anonymous

    you watched the game at normal difficulty which is actually a tutorial. go play inferno so that you break you mouse and cry in your bathroom

    • Anonymous

      Well said, for a comparison that is like saying getting to lvl 10 was easy so WoW was not challenging.

      Basically your sample size is bad and you should feel bad.