Connect The Dots by *willheim

Sent in to us by H.C., seems Mr. William Anderson, background music composer of MLP has entered into the Deviant Art Original Quote T-Shirt Design challenge. The general idea (as the title ensues) is that you make an original t-shirt with an original quote on it. The contest has three rounds. First the public gets to vote, second three judges will select the 2 winning designs and another winning design from all the entries, and then of course Round 3 is the winner. The prizes are…

  • $1,500 USD Cash Prize
  • 20 units of their T-Shirt to distribute among friends and family.
  • Each winning design will be sold by DeviantWEAR on

The above design is Mr. Anderson’s work. “Why On Earth Would You Want To Connect The Dots”.

So show Mr. Anderson your love and send him some votes.

Voting can be done here (I think). You vote by clicking the “I’d Wear That” button that appears when you mouse over the image.

Anderson’s DA page showing off the shirt.

And be kind, I fear this will end up on Equestria Daily and no offense to those guys, but it makes it unfair for other deviant art people.

  • edward hart

    I would rather be moving and guessing theh waiting and wishing