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Remember behind the people there is usually a smaller army of helpers and producers that get left behind. In a recent Deviant Art entry, William Anderson recently gave shout outs to the several other people who have had a hand in the production of the MLP:FiM background music. This includes the fact (if you hadn’t heard before) that Mr. Anderson has worked and still does at times work for Weird Al. Within his shout outs he gives credit to Jim West, a fellow who has also worked for Weird Al, and was responsible for many of the guitar and banjo tracks (interestingly enough recorded on Weird Al’s bus).

Also please read the side note at the bottom. Also remember these people are regular people, and as much free time as we have, they do not. For the quick readers, he notes that he can’t send music out, doesn’t have the time to listen to all the music that he is being sent (“all the music” = tons), and of course cannot comment on the show.

Journal Entry here, picture below, and text copy after the page break.

shout out to my mlp fim team

by *willheim

hi mlp fans. i know most of you found me here because i am the bgm composer for mlp fim. i want you all to know that when you compliment me on the scores you are also complimenting my incredibly talented team.

first off is kristopher gee, who has been in the trenches with me since day one. a tireless pony indeed! here’s a link to his website:

my buddy jim west, whom i used to play with in weird al’s band. we have been working together forever. some of the mlp guitar and banjo tracks were actually recorded on al’s tour bus while they were on the road. jim is also an amazing slack key artist. he can play anything and is just a cool guy. here’s a link to his site:

my old pal patrick griffin. he got called off the job early in season one, but gets an honorable mention just because he is so darn good. here’s a link:

If his website photo looks familiar it’s because he shot it in my living room! he looks 20% cooler than me though.

Marc Perlman, superlative music editor and friend. I can’t even tell you. what a pleasure it is to have such a professional on my team. We go way back to the biker mice days.

Honorable mentions to Vanessa Garde, Elon Arbiture, Kris Cassavantes and uh! She’s gonna kill me. Worked on editorial and cue sheets first season. It will come to me. I will update later.

One other note, I can’t send music out, so please don’t ask. I don’t have time to listen to all the music I am being sent, there just isn’t enough time in my day.  And finally, I am not supposed to comment on the show, so I kinda have to not say much about it.



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    Holy crap, Jim West worked on MLP? :D Be still my beating heart!