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Well it seems has a good interest in the community. Just a few days ago they released an article in their GeekMom section dubbed In Defence of Bronies by Rebecca Angel which went on the defensive stance as some of the other writers during a discussion of our community. Today one of the writers named Jules wrote about BronyCon: The Documentary being produced by John de Lancie. To quote JdL from a recent video:

John de Lancie: Hi, I’m John de Lancie, I’ve been on a lot of shows that have had some interesting fans but never so interesting than My Little Pony, some of those fans call themselves Bronies and I’ve been invited to the biggest Brony convention in the world. Its at the Meadowlands right outside of New York at the end of June. This is a documentary about the fan phenomenon called Bronies, that is what this Kickstater campaign is all about. The Bronycon Documentary will follow me to New York where we’ll discover who Bronies are and what makes them so unique. Our documentary is going to be respectful, insightful and very entertaining.

Laurent Malaquais: Hi I’m Laurent Malaquais, director of this project. Some people do not understand bronies, they make fun of them, they marginalized them, they just don’t get it. I’m excited to make this documentary because I believe in the message of the show and I believe Bronies deserve a chance to show us who they really are and why they have chosen to become fans. I think there is no better way to get to know Bronies than through the eyes of John de Lancie, Like the general public he’s new to his phenomenon but he’s been launch to the middle of their world. I’m excited to take this journey with John, but I’m also interested in discovering what fuels this love and apprecation for the show, and how the brony community is an evolving culture. I hope your as ethustiatic as I am, cause I want to show you this journey to Bronycon.

– The Bronycon: The Documentary Kickstarter Video (found in the Wired article)

With 11 days to go the Kickstarter page now has 1,339 backers and a pledge of $137.501 dollars, more than twice the concept budget of $60k. For anyone who was looking to donate via Paypal, they have setup a paypal account for people send into.

Bronycon: The Documentary Kickstarter

Bronycon: The Documentary Homepage (Currently setup for paypal donations).

[Source: Wired.Com – Kickstart Bronycon: The Documentary]

  • Supertide

    I’m not sure how to feel about this documentary.
    This could end up really awkward considering that the more obsessed fans show up on these conventions.