An anon over on Ponychan’s /merch found this picture of wave 7 cards.

I’m going to go into different levels of canons and both the show and merchandise, so be warned.

Generally the “original” medium that an intellectual property is published in is considered A-canon. That would be the MLP G4 show, Star Wars movies and the Mass Effect video games, for an example. Other forms of media that follow would be B-canon, in that they’re true up until A-canon says they’re not true. Fan canon, or fanon, is only true in the realm of fanworks. Fanon can sometimes become canon, like how the timey-wimey pony is named Time Turner.

The Wonderbolts seems to be a master of conflicting canons. The show has told us that there are ponies named Spitfrie, Soarin’, Rapidfire and Fleetfoot. Spitfire is the captain of the Wonderbolts. Soarin’ loves pie. Fleetfoot is pretty damn fast. We only explicitly know who Spitfire and Soarin’ are.

Now, these wave 7 cards mix things up. Pony #23 is a stallion with light grey body and black mane/tail, a winged lightning bolt cutie mark and is named Spitfire, who’s the captain of the Wonderbolts. Pony #12 is Misty Fly, a yellow mare with blue-streaked-blue hair, a plain lightning bolt cutie mark and is a talented flier. Pony #17 is Soarin, a yellow mare with orange-streaked-orange hair, a plain lightning bolt cutie mark, and she’s a speedy flier. We know for a fact that Spitfire and Soarin’s names are mixed up, along with Spitfire’s description. We don’t know for a fact that Soarin is “speedy,” but we could guess.

The packaging, though, says the black/grey pony is Soarin, the yellow/blue pony is Misty Fly and the yellow/orange pony is Spitfire.

So what does this mean? That Hasbro has really bad quality control, for one. But A-canon rules, and Soarin’ and Spitfire are already explicitly named in the show, so we can assume that the packaging has the correct names for the ponies. Misty, though, is going to still be B-canon, until she gets named in the show.

Another bit on canon: Technically the “most” canon name of a character is the legal name of the character, which would be whatever Hasbro files for as a trademark. Soarin’ was called Soarin’ by a staff member, who named him after her son, Soren. The trademark filed for the merchandise, though, is for Soarin. As his name is only said on the show, it could either be Soren, Soarin’ or Soarin, but now we know that it’s Soarin.

Misty Fly was known as Misty by fans, but now she’s officially Misty Fly, as that is a much “easier” name to trademark.

The cutie marks on the ponies are also technically all “correct.” We don’t know what the actual cutie marks of these ponies are, as they’re covered by the flight suits, though males have winged lightning bolts and females have plain lightning bolts.

Also: The Wonderbolts Academy leader is not 100% confirmed to be Spitfire, and even if she were Spitfire, it wouldn’t be possible for the blind bag figure to show that cutie mark while still wearing her flight suit.

[Image source: Ponychan]

  • BigJackintosh

    Actually the Wonderbolts Academy leader IS Spitfire. Why nobody reads the credits? :P

    • I think the author is saying it’s unclear if she’s the leader or just a drill instructor.

  • Jody Morgan

    Spitfire was specifically named in the end credits of “Wonderbolts Academy”: Granted, she may not be the leader of the Academy…

  • Jody Morgan

    Just checked the transcript, and apparently Spitfire was mentioned twice in the episode: by Rainbow Dash, when she and Lightning Dust were stuck behind another team in the precision flying obstacle course, and by Lightning Dust, after Rainbow Dash chews her out for endangering her friends. I’m all for being cautious when it comes to saying something is canon or what level of canonicity (?) it is, but I think it’s safe to say that the pony playing the role of the G-rated R. Lee Ermey in “Wonderbolts Academy” is definitely Spitfire.

  • I think Hasbro needs to look at the card 17 and 23. the names are wrong for them seeing as Soarin is number 23 and Spitfire is number 17.

  • Hasbro can sure mess up big-time sometimes. Rainbow Dash also says Spitfire’s name in “The Best Night Ever” and “Hurricane Fluttershy”

    • I doubt it was even Hasbro.

      Some intern in China who’s never watched the show (though why not I have no idea, as supposedly the Chinese all get it on YouTube for free) accidentally swapped the picture plates when they were printing. Since these look like preview copies, there’s a good chance Hasbro will just pulp them and print some new ones.