p17062692enh-z6To celebrate the upcoming Chinese year of the horse, Hasbro is releasing a special Chinese New Year Fashion Style Pinkie Pie only at Toys ‘R Us.


Pinkie comes with multiple shades of pink in her hair, a all-over printed “silk” outfit and glitter on her hooves. She comes with a hair brush, but is meant to be a collectible.

She’s $25 and limited to one per person. Pre-orders ship January 14.

[Source: EqD]


  • larry

    I actually like this other than it’s a brushable. Prefer the sculpted manes (especially if it’s going to be collector anyways and the mane won’t be brushed at all.

  • I’ll probably have to get this off eBay due to the lack of French on the box, just like with the ComicCon Zecora. Year of the Horse! Yay!

  • Deb

    this is actually a pretty cool idea and turned out cute :)