This one was made by someone else, unknown to me at this moment.

Feels bad man
A big shoutout to Mixermike622 (Fluffy Butts) who put these together. He has more in his dA gallery!
Thanks /co/ and NH4NO3

practicing my necromancy to point out that the couch twilight was made by kevinsano in the comments. very sorry about that!

  • nh4no3

    Even the next day it still feels bad man.

  • DerpySquad

    Heh, funny too cause I had just collected these from Fluffy last night to do a post on.

  • Ellis Horse Porn lover

    neckbeard detected

  • DerpySquad


  • Anonymous

    i have a trimmed goatee. no neckbeards here

  • derpymaths

    i dont know about letting a creature that can turn me into a cactus just run loose in the house. not to mention the neighborhood, imagine if the neighbor kids pissed her off? that'd be fun to explain to the cops.

  • KevinSano

    Mixermike622 didn't make the one with Twilight on the sofa, though. I edited that one from a Fluttershy one made by a guy called Schteve.